Floppy disk recovery

Floppy disk is the earliest used mobile storage device in PC. Read-write operation in floppy disk is realized through floppy drive which can receive movable floppy disk and is packable, dismountable and portable. As a mobile storage device, it is an ideal choice for physically transferred small files. Data storage principles of floppy disk and hard disk are same, storing data in the unit of cluster. And every cluster only possesses a sector in floppy disk, so, compared with hard disk, it saves more storage space. Many users may have this experience that floppy data are damaged due to many factors and can not be read or they are deleted because of accidental operations. If the damaged data are important, the consequence may be very serious; as to data losses caused by soft faults like Sector 0 is infected with viruses and floppy data can not be read, it is easy to perform floppy disk recovery. In this situation, the lost data can be recovered with data recovery software if we do not store new data to floppy disk. And the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended because it is able to help users recover lost data from floppy disk perfectly.

Powerful data recovery ability of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is released by the famous Canadian data recovery company MiniTool Solution Ltd. that has hammered away at data recovery field for many years and grasped mature data recovery technology, and many senior programmers jointly programmed this powerful data recovery software, so its data recovery ability is undisputed. Meanwhile, in order to facilitate data recovery, the software is divided into five different function modules providing data recovery service respectively. Besides, the operation interface of this data recovery software is simple and intuitive and easy to use, suitable for all computer users. Therefore, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended to perform floppy disk recovery. After introducing its related functions, we will show the friendly interface of this floppy disk recovery software.

After launching it, the operation interface of the floppy disk recovery software is shown, from which we can see its five function modules clearly. When we put the mouse on any function module, the corresponding introduction information will be shown at the bottom, according to which we can know the function of every module. And when data losses occur in floppy, we should select the corresponding function modules to realize floppy disk recovery in different situations. For instance, if floppy data are deleted by accident, we should select "Undelete Recovery" to perform floppy disk recovery. After clicking this function module, we will begin to recover deleted data. The detailed operation procedures can be obtained on the official website https://www.powerdatarecovery.com.

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