Free File Recovery Tool for Windows

It is believed that the Windows icon shown in the left is familiar to us because many users are using Windows operating systems. As to data loss problems on Windows, there are three solutions: using Hex Editor, resorting to data recovery companies and using file recovery tools. We'll analyze them one by one.
Hex Editor requires users to grasp professional knowledge about data storage and data recovery. Its operations are complicated, so this method is not suitable for ordinary users.
Professional data recovery companies are able to solve data loss problems caused be soft faults and some hardware damages. Users can take this method. Its disadvantage is the high cost.
Data recovery tools are able to solve data loss problems caused by soft faults. But it can do nothing when we face those resulting from hardware damage.
Those above are advantages and disadvantages of the three methods. Users can use the most suitable one according to practical situations. Here, we'll focus on data loss problems given rise to be soft faults and recommend a free file recovery tool for Windows.

A free file recovery tool for Windows
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a free file recovery tool for Windows. It can be downloaded from the official website The right picture shows its main interface. The free file recovery tool contains five data recovery modules. They have different functions. "Undelete Recovery" module can recover deleted files quickly from computer hard disks and external storage devices like digital players, SD cards and USB flash drives; "Damaged Partition Recovery" is able to recover data from formatted partition; "Lost Partition Recovery" can recover data from deleted partition; "Digital Media Recovery" is able to recover lost photos, audios and videos from various kinds of storage devices; "CD/DVD Recovery" can recover lost data from CD and DVD. According to practical situations, users can use suitable modules to recover lost data. And there will be detailed prompts.

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