Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge: Prices, Specifications, Features, and More

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is now Available

If you are a loyal Samsung fan, then you must know the latest released Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge are now available on the official website. As the Flagship models of 2016, S7 and S7 Edge have been generating so much attention. After an initial pre-order period that ran from 21 February to 11 March, both phones are now widely available from a large number of retailers and networks.

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Specifications for Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Since Galaxy S7 and S7 edge received great attention, there were so much rumors before Samsung's final announcement. Next, we will go through the precisely specifications of these two phones.


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NOTE: Galaxy S7 Edge only differs from S7 in the following aspects:
  • Dual edge screen;
  • Dimensions (150.9 X 72.6 X 7.7 mm/5.85” x 2.85” x 0.30”);
  • Weight (157grams);
  • Pixels Per Inch (534 ppi);
  • Battery (3600 mAh).

Prices information:

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Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S7: What Have Been Improved

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New Features of Samsung Galaxy S7

Although there are not too much differences in design, it is delightful for us to see that S7 has made essential changes to optimize S6. We have no complaint about its performance, either. Even when playing games or watching videos, the phone seems to handle whatever I let it do. Here are some features that stand out and impress us deeply in a short time.

1. Always-on Screen

The new released S7 and S7 Edge keep the 2k resolution screen, and Samsung added a new technology known as "Always-On" display to it. With this feature, basic information like the clock, calendar, missed calls are displayed. "Always-On" takes advantages of AMOLED self-luminous mechanism, which only shows the needed apps when the phone is in screen-out state. Besides, users can customize the "Always - On" display content.

Since only parts of pixels are taken, the screen can show users necessary information, and won't consume much power at the same time. This may seem like a small feature, but it's great for people who often check time with their phones throughout the day. At the very least, it's nice to be able to see something other than a black, dead screen.

always on

2. Enhanced Camera

Last year, Galaxy S6 received a lot of negative comments on its protuberant cameras - the biggest faulty in the design of the whole mobile phone. This year, Samsung adopted the brand-new image sensor to S7 and successfully controlled the thickness of bump into 0.46 mm. Note on S6 the bump reached to 1.7 mm, that is a 70% falling down in S7.

Samsung has been heavily touting the camera on its latest models, particularly their performance in low light. Last year, S6 won much praises in the industry and this year, S7 reveals more outstanding performance. The trump card for S7 camera is the brand new Sony "double pixel sensor". The camera is high-performance and is noticeably crisp with dark shots. Samsung has also added some extra modes to the camera, including one called "motion panorama," which lets you take a panoramic shot that will animate when you scroll over it - a feature similar to Apple's Live Photos.

The camera parameters of S7 are impressive: lens aperture increased to F1.7, single pixel area expanded from 1.12 microns to 1.4 microns. Even though pixel values fell from 16 million to 12 million, S7 provides more superior quality.

enhaced camera

The reason? Very simple! Because of the Sony double pixel sensor. Each pixel is characterized by two diode drivers behind. Thus, when focusing, all pixels take part in focus without losing any pixel number. This technology has been previously used on Canon 70d, but for a mobile phone, this is the first time.

In the test of weak light environment, S7 focus faster than S6 does. At the same time, due to the increase of the aperture and the pixel area, S7 captures brighter pictures than that of S6.

3. Game Launcher

S7 is equipped with Android 6.0, so basically the interface style only changed little. But in addition to system version improvement, Samsung brings something great.

Samsung built a game platform in the system called Game Launcher. In this platform, you can exhale a menu and change settings. For example, you can set not to be interrupted by telephone, SMS or something pop up when you are enjoying games, or to minimize the game interface to a desktop floating icon and then recover to the original schedule when you come back.

game launcher

Different visual options are offered for the games in Game Launcher. Through artificially decrease the frame number, you can achieve the purpose of energy saving. Meanwhile, Samsung puts forward the concept of video sharing in the platform. You can record the game screen and insert the player's picture by using the front-facing camera, and then share on social platform.

4. Expandable Memory

One of the greatest returns of Samsung is that the new devices both support expandable memory, making it possible for users to add in TF card to expand the 32GB or 64GB storage that comes standard with the phone. Today most mobile phones do not allow users to extend the storage space, and if users want more, they will have to pay more than the separate price of a TF card - disgusting.

Samsung has considered more. Last year, due to the bad read-write compatibility of high speed flash memory standard UFS2.0 and the relatively low speed TF card, Samsung had to take off the TF card slot from Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, bringing a big challenge to users who have got accustomed to using TF card for storage space extending. This year, Samsung has obviously solved the problem of the compatibility between UFS2.0 and TF card, and has made a perfect fit of the design of dual SIM card slot. With this design users can fill the slot with two nano-SIM cards OR a nano-SIM card and a TF card at the same time, and the largest support for the TF card reaches up to an amazing 200 GB!

expandable storage

So it's a welcome addition on the whole. However, note that users need to MOVE their content to the SD card instead of directly SAVE data on it.

Tips: Are you suffering from "insufficient storage available” on your android phone? Click to know more about how to increase internal storage space of android.

We believe with this humanized feature, most users will insert a TF card for storage expansion. After all, it costs less than purchase a 64GB version. Here we'd like to remind users to take good care of the TF card, for they may delete files by mistake or regret of deleting some files. Whatever, if any data loss occurs, try MiniTool Power Data Recovery for data rescue, which works great on TF cards connected with card readers.

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5. Longer Battery Life

Due to the same design with S6, the battery of Galaxy S7 is still built into the phone, but the battery capacity is increased to 3000 mAh (the battery capacity of larger S7 Edge has increased to 3600 mAh). So theoretically speaking, it can easily make itself through a day of normal use even with the Always-On feature. The S7's battery should fit the needs of most people. Even while testing the phone out, it still didn't need to be charged until the middle night - something won't happen on S6.

6. Fast Charge

Samsung also enabled S7 with wireless quick charge, making it more fashionable and convenient for users to use. Even though S7 is not endowed with the USB Type-C interface, it offers neck to neck high efficiency in charging than phones that equip with USB Type-C. Generally speaking, S7 can be fully charged in about 80 minutes. But without quick charge technology, this will take 4 hours or so…

Besides, Samsung raised the charging efficiency when using the wireless charger, avoiding the trouble to insert and pull out the charge coil and saving charging time at the same time.

7. Dustproof and Waterproof

You don't want to see dust under screen, right? And you must be annoyed with the drops of water on the phone. But with Samsung's newest flagship, you don’t have to worry about these things, for S7 and S7 edge support dustproof and waterproof at the highest level IP68. 6 represents the highest level for dustproof and 8 represents the highest level for waterproof. Similar with SONY mobile phones, Samsung didn't make any external protection on Galaxy S7 headphones mouth and charge mouth, but processed the internal part, which protected the appearance design well.

As to waterproof, each of those devices can stay in good condition at 1.5 meters STILL water for 30 minutes, making it possible for you to take pictures under water, cool isn't it? However, do not take the phone with you when you are swimming, for the water flow is intense.

water proof

8. Other Features

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge adopted the most advance processer Snapdragon 820, which has been accepted by almost all mobile phone manufacturers. To prevent the overheating phenomena, Samsung applied copper tube in the phone, which helps a lot to cool S7/S7 Edge.

S7 edge strengthened the functions of its curved surface screen. With Android 6.0 - the new system, the curved surface screen supports exhaling up to 10 apps rapidly, as well as plug-ins on news/stock.


What Do Users Say

After talking so much about the new released Samsung phones, we would like to show some comments that submitted by common users.



"I'm going to start off my comment with this: WILL PEOPLE PLEASE STOP IT ALREADY WITH THE REMOVABLE BATTERY COMPLAINTS. If you are a heavy user then go purchase a portable power pack and a car charger for long commutes. The iPhone has NEVER had a removable battery and has a very strong following. I don't think Samsung should bring it back. 

I have been in the mobile retail side and I switch phones all the time so I am not a fan boy of any sorts. I switched to the S7 after having an iPhone 6s Plus. I must say that performance wise, there is a vast improvement over the GS 6. Battery life is a huge plus. I have had no slowdowns or freezes and the phone has not overheated which has been an ongoing issue with Samsung phones up until the Note 5/GS6 Edge Plus. The camera performs as advertised and the freedom of expandable storage is a huge plus. And YES you can move apps to the SD Card.

I will however be switching to the S7 Edge because of LOVE the size. My hand is big enough to palm a basketball and with the edge being slightly larger, it fits into my hand a lot better. If you are looking for a new phone, this would be the one to get."
--By DRice410


"So I got the Samsung s6 edge plus don't see any need for the change except maybe for the battery life but in reality the s6 edge and s7 edge look exactly the same. I'm not a gamer so i see no need for the micro SD. It just released too close to each other Samsung should have taken the time for more amazing specs. It's not like everyone sleeps under water they pulled that already with the S5 probably would wait for a s7 edge plus if that's coming."
--By Pauldeja

Obviously the two people hold different opinions, and both sound reasonable. How do you think of Samsung S7/S7 edge?


To put it simple, S7 and S7 Edge have filled the defects of S6 and S6 Edge perfectly. The return of the TF card, the enhancement of the lens quality, the loss in weight, etc. all reveal Samsung's sincerity. What's your opinion? Join in the discussion below to let us know.

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