This Easy Way To Recover Data From Dead SD Card Conveniently

Based on semiconductor flash memory, SD card is widely found in all kinds of portable devices, such as digital camera and mobile phone. Till now, SD card has become one of the most popular movable storage devices. Its large capacity, high performance, good security and other features appeal to countless users.

Recover data from dead SD card 1 However, just like any other multimedia information storage devices, SD card can be corrupted easily due to users’ improper operations or others’ intentional attacks. In some cases, users may find some data stored on their SD card are lost due to unknown reasons; in some cases, users may encounter a prompt which says their SD card needs to be formatted for further use; in other cases, the SD card may have no response at all after it had been connected to computer. So, a large number of users are interested in finding solutions to recover lost data from SD card or recover data from dead SD card.

Apparently, it's not a breeze. But, it's also not impossible. Whether SD card recovery can be finished largely depends on the cause of SD card data loss and the things users have done after data were missing from SD card. Generally speaking, as long as the lost data are not overwritten by new data, they’re able to be recovered completely from SD card with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Brief Introduction to Development History of SD Card

MMC (Multi Media Card) is developed on the basis of SM card. A few years later, SD card appears after further developing on the basis of MMC and it becomes a universal storage device, which is suitable for almost all portable digital products.

In 2001, the market share of SM card is over 50%, but in 2005, it is dropped to about 40% and a continuous quick dropping is found in the next few years. At that time, most digital camera manufacturers, such as Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic and Konica Minolta, have given support to SD cards. In recent years, SD card is also popular on the professional camera market; it seems to be a destiny that the high-speed and high-price CF card will finally be replaced by the cheaper but high-speed SD card completely.

Recover data from dead SD card 2

As a matter of fact, Toshiba develops SD card by integrating the hardware encryption technology into the technologies that have been already included in MMC. In theory, this encryption technology is able to introduce some digital rights management measures, yet this feature is rarely applied later in the practical application.

Generally speaking, SD series memory cards are sent to SD Card Association for specification certification after SanDisk finished the test. Because of that, almost all patent rights are hold by SanDisk. But in 2007, SanDisk sold some of its possessions due to the NAND market turmoil, giving the outside world an illusion that it is about to disappear. At that time, SanDisk lost many of its core technologies and patents and some of the most important NAND factories were sold to Micron.

It did not take long for SanDisk to re-attract foreign investment and make changes. However, it has no intention to further develop flash technology and establish new plants. Instead, SanDisk started to invest and cooperate with Toshiba, making use of Toshiba’s manufacturing process and technology to produce chips. Afterwards, two brands LOGO can be seen in Toshiba's new product. SD card is no exception. SD cards of those two brands have a lot of similarities; besides, those two brands are the main suppliers on SD card market.

Recover data from dead SD card 3

Just like other memory cards, SD card also has protection for numerous patents and trademarks and the authorization can only be processed by SD association. In 2013, the SD Association states that no open-source SD drivers are allowed in the license agreement. Thus, a lot of debates about open source and free software are generated. One of the common practices is to develop an open source shell and then develop a platform-specific closed-source SD driver as the core. But this is too different from what people expected. Another common practice is to adopt the relatively old MMC mode, since all SD cards must support MMC mode according to the SD card standard.

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An Amazing Feature – Write Protection

Some of the SD cards have a wonderful function called write protection, which is used for protecting data from being modified or deleted by malicious people or by mistake. If you're careful enough, you may find the lock button on SD card which has such function. When the button has been moved to lock side, no one can modify or delete files from certain SD card. On the contrary, we're only allowed to enter and view files saved in SD card. In summary, SD card write protection function is designed to prevent unauthorized or unexpected change/deletion of data.

Basically, the write protection switch of SD card is a piece of plastic, which is very small and fragile, so it is easy to be broken or knocked off while using. If that happened unfortunately, users will not be able to write anything new to the SD card or change the content of old files anymore.

Besides, even if the SD card you use has no write protection switch, you may still meet such problem since the card adapter you have adopted to connect SD card with computer is equipped with a switch button to control new data writing and file moving/copying.

Recover data from dead SD card 4

The following messages indicate that your SD card is write-protected. If you encounter any one of them, please be on guard.
  • The Memory Card is write-protected. Please release the write protect switch.
  • The disk is write protected.
  • The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.
  • Cannot delete *: The storage is write-protected. Remove the write-protection and try again.
  • Cannot copy *: The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.
  • Cannot copy *: Access is denied. Please make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
  • This file is set to read-only. Try again with a different file name.

If you come across disk is write-protected issue after trying to write new data into or copy file/folder from your SD card, please try the following solutions to fix the problem as you can.

  • Please figure out whether your SD card or the card adapter you use has a write protection switch. If there is, please move the switch to the unlock side to allow data modification and writing.

  • If you have switched off the write protection function on card adapter, but still fail to write any new data and change old data, it is possibly because that your card adapter is broken. In this case, you may need to try another adapter that is working normally.

  • If the data saved in your SD card can be accessed and modified normally, but fail to be deleted while it is used in mobile phone, digital camera or other electronic equipment, it may indicate that your SD card itself has something wrong. And you can try to fix this problem by performing a formatting to it.

  • If your SD card data can be accessed, modified, deleted, copied and moved without any trouble, but you get the disk is write-protected error message when connecting it to computer through card adapter, this implies that your card adapter is not working well. You can try to eject the card adapter from current USB port and connect it again to another USB port and repeat this action. If this works, we can basically confirm that the problem is caused due to bad contact of card adapter and USB port.

However, what if you performed wrong operations to SD card so as to lead to data loss or SD card corruption, what you can do to find back useful data? Do you know how to recover data from corrupted disk like SD card, how to recover data from dead SD card and how to recover lost data from SD card? If your answer is no, you also don’t need to be worried since we’ll help you on this in the next part.

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3 Types of SD Card Data Loss

Since data loss can cause inestimable economic and mental loss once the missing data can’t be found back, users will try every way possible they can to go for data recovery. Like other data loss cases, SD card data loss could also be divided into different types. There, we’ll introduce 3 common types of SD card data loss.

Recover data from dead SD card 5

1.The first one is dead SD card. When users connect the SD card to computer, trying to read, write or modify data, they may disappointedly find that, there’s no response after the insertion. If users lost their valuable data in SD card because the card becomes dead, it would be helpful for them to try the following method in order to complete dead SD card recovery.

  • The metal contact piece of SD card may be oxidized or worn due to the frequent ejecting and inserting. In this case, users might as well find a clean eraser and use it to rub back and forth for a few times on the sheet metal. Generally this will work under the condition that there is no bad damage on the surface of SD card. And then, users can perform unreadable SD card recovery as they want.

2.The second one is mistaken deletion. Everyone makes mistakes and it often occurs in the blink of an eye. So it is a common thing that we delete a useful file or folder by mistake, considering it as useless. Under this circumstance, if the SD card is working well and it is only some data that have been lost, users are able to recover deleted data from SD card easily with the help of wonderful recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. As for how to recover in detail, please see the following content.

3.The third one is unformatted notice. Sometimes when we intend to open the SD card in computer for data view or management, we fail to access any of the data. That is because, when we click on the SD card, trying to open it, an unformatted error pops up and suggests that the SD card need to be formatted.

  • The disk in drive * is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?
  • You need to format the disk in drive * before you can use it. Do you want to format it?
  • * is not accessible. Access is denied.
  • * is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.
  • * is not accessible. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.
  • * is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
  • * is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.

If users see any of those error messages, they should be aware that their SD card is damaged somehow and they have to take measures immediately to try to recover files from target SD card.

Recover Data from Dead SD Card with Power Data Recovery

Download the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition now to experience its amazing performance.

Recover data from dead SD card 6

When your SD card is working as usual and nothing strange happens except that some data are missing, you should select the “Undelete Recovery” module from main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, choose the SD card and press “Scan” button to detect lost data from it. At last, check and recover all the data you need when the scan finishes and found data displays in software.

Recover data from dead SD card 7

When you find your SD card is inaccessible and the system suggest you to format the disk before using, you need to choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” module of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, instead. Then, scan the card by following the prompt in software interface. After that, you also need to check and save your desired missing data found by software.

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4 Things You Should Notice to Avoid Dead SD Card Recovery

In order to enhance data security and avoid making SD card dead by improper operations, users should keep the following things in mind.

Recover data from dead SD card 8

1.Be very familiar with the format, characteristics and composition of SD card data for purpose of avoiding unnecessary trouble.

2.Use professional genuine data cable and card reader to transfer data. Please make sure that the power supply of SD card is stable; fluctuated voltage may bring serious damage to card. Always check the condition of card reader and computer system to make sure there is no bad contact or virus attack.

3.Do not unplug or disconnect the card once it is connected to computer. When users really need to unplug it, they should eject it from safely from computer through the system. If computer crashes when the SD card is still connected to it, users should manually disconnect the card after turning off the computer.

Be careful enough when users put SD card in someplace or carry it around. Please try not to carry the card next to power distribution room, electroplating plants, welding machine and some departments in hospital: X-ray room, MRI room and CT room.

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