Windows file recovery utility

For every Windows user, when significant files are lost, Windows file recovery should be done as soon as possible. That is because any operation may lead to file overwriting. Considering this situation, users had better download an excellent Windows file recovery utility to recover lost files timely rather than resort to professional data recovery companies. In addition, considering file recovery costs, users also had better choose Windows file recovery utility since there is cheap or even free Windows file recovery utility. Here, we recommend users a free Windows file recovery utility which has powerful file recovery competence, high security, wide compatibility, and great usability. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
If users want to download this Windows file recovery utility, please visit its official website, and then install it to a certain partition. In the process of downloading and installing software, users had better not download and install it to the partition where file loss appears. Otherwise, lost files may be overwritten. After installation, 5 independent functional modules will emerge as long as users launch the software, like the following screenshot shows:

Different modules can be used to deal with different file loss situations, which is good for enhancing file recovery efficiency as well as success rate.
Undelete Recovery”: recover files lost because of mistaken deletion or malicious deletion.
Damaged Partition Recovery”: recover lost files from formatted partition, inaccessible partition, and other logically damaged partition.
Lost Partition Recovery”: recover lost files from deleted partition and lost partition.
Digital Media Recovery”: recover photos, video files, audio files, and other digital media files only.
CD/DVD Recovery”: recover lost files from CD/DVD.
As long as users select the most suitable module according to data loss situations and take operations according to prompts, this Windows file recovery utility can help recover lost files easily, safely, and completely.

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